Bali x Chino Litter 06-23-2016

Allagante Chinoock Winds (Chino) x Kristull Bali HAi Allagante (Bali)

Chino is owned by Karen and Paul Sanders of Allagante Silkens

This is the Race Track Litter. There are two girls and three boys

All are MDR1 and CEA clear by parentage

Pedigree for the Chino x Bali Litter


  • Telledaga – Red fawn extreme white. Will be staying at Allagante
  • Daytona – Red brindle spotted. Will be staying at Joyrun


  • Le Mans – Red extreme white
  • Grand Prix – Red Brindle extreme white
  • Laguna Seca – Red Brindle extreme white split face. Now living at his new home in Idaho

This is a co-breeding with Allagante Silkens and they are staying at Allagante. Visit Allagante for availability and to see more pictures

Pedigree for the Chino x Bali Litter

Chino x Bali litter pedigree chart
here is the pedigree for the Chino x Bali litter.

(Pedigree courtesy of the Silken Windhound Pedigree Database)

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