Lindy and Dickens Litter 09-04-2016

Allagante Great Expectations (Dickens) X Allagante Raincoast Lindy Hop (Lindy)

Dickens is owned by Karen and Paul Sanders of Allagante Silkens

Lindy had seven beautiful puppies. Three girls and four boys. All have white face markings and white trim.

All are MDR1 and CEA clear by parentage.

Litter Pedigree



  • Girl 1 – red or gold with trim – JoyRun Allagante Light My Fire “Fire” now called Envy and living in WA
  • Girl 2 – red brindle with trim –  JoyRun Allagamte Play With Fire  “Sparks” now called Sophie and  living in ME
  • Girl 3 – red or gold with trim –  JoyRun Allagante Glowing Embers “Ember” staying here at JoyRun


  • Boy1 – red or gold irish marked – Allagante JoyRun Hot Hennessey  called Hennessey and living with Allagante Silkens
  • Boy 2 – red or gold spotted – JoyRun Allagante Up In Flames “Flame” now called Zephyr and living in MT
  • Boy 3 – brindle or saddle brindle?? JoyRun Allagante Burning Coals “Coal” now called Dasher and living in WA
  • Boy 4 – gold or fawn brindle with trim – JoyRun Allagante Smokin Hot “Smokin” now called Rhys and living in IL



Group shot of Silken Windhound Lindy's puppiers at 1 weel
Here are Lindy’s puppies at one week of age

Individual Pictures


Boy 1 at 2 days old
Boy 1 Allagante JoyRun Hot Hennessey at 2 days old


Boy two JoyRun Allagante Up In Flames at 1 days old


Boy three JoyRun Allagante Burning Coals at 2 days old


Boy four JoyRun Allagante Smokin Hot at 2 days old


Girl one JoyRun Allagante Light My Fire at 2 days old. She is identical to girl three except she has a wider blaze and is a little larger


Girl two at two days.
Girl two JoyRun Allagante Glowing Embers at two days.


Girl three JoyRun Allagante Play With Fire at one day old. She is the smallest pup.


More pictures at Allagante Silkens

Pedigree For The Dickens x Lindy Litter

Pedigree chart for dickens x Lindy litter
This is the pedigree for the Dickens x Lindy Litter.

(Pedigree courtesy of the Silken Windhound Pedigree Database)

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